A New Paradigm for Physician-Patient Relationship? Here’s What We’re Reading

According to the recent Keckley Report, the physician-patient relationship of the future will be distinctly different in scope and performance from recent and past healthcare experiences. Paul Keckley predicts care will be highly customized and coordinated through the use of multi-disciplinary teams, with more transparent costs for patients. The following is a list of performance characteristics that will be key to shaping the physician-patient relationship of the future, according to Keckley:

  • ‘Reputation’ (user experiences, outcomes, estimated costs, efficacy and effectiveness of treatments) of the individual clinician and the system of health affiliation
  • User experiences measurement based on effectiveness and efficiency (costs) of services provided across the entire continuum of care
  • Availability of expanded scale and scope of services including insurance and delivery, guided self-care tools, information technologies, retail health et al
  • Accessible, comprehensive primary care “front door” relationship with physical and behavioral health, dentistry, eyecare, pharmacy, nutrition & health coaching
  • Insurance coverage with clearly defined out of pocket costs and financial risks to individuals
  • Guarantees for results: physicians assume responsibility for outcomes they control

Interested in learning more? Read the full article “Rethinking the Physician-Patient Relationship” HERE.

How do you think the physician-patient relationship may change in the next few years?

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