Introducing Specialdocs’ First Chief Medical Advisor and Physician Advisory Board

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We, at Specialdocs, are pleased to name J. Patrick Tokarz, MD as Chief Medical Advisor and Chairman of our newly formed Specialdocs Physician Advisory Board. Dr. Tokarz and the Board will explore new technologies and develop best practices with our growing network, while working to enhance the overall delivery of concierge medical care. The Board will offer Specialdocs’ physicians their expertise on the clinical and business side of concierge medicine, from monitoring the impact of changing healthcare regulations to developing effective practice growth initiatives.

“Concierge medicine holds great promise for improving our broken healthcare system and allowing independent practices to thrive,” says Dr. Tokarz. “There is a growing body of evidence proving the value of this model. Insurance companies have noted significant decreases in ER visits, hospital admissions and re-admissions as a result.”

The emphasis on extended visits, enhanced availability and preventive care at the heart of concierge medicine is transformative for physicians and their patients, according to Dr. Tokarz.

“As a physician who worked for 30 years in an increasingly dysfunctional traditional model, I’ve witnessed firsthand the power of re-establishing the physician-patient relationship made possible in a concierge practice,” says Dr. Tokarz. “Having additional time to build trust and understanding allows for more in-depth care and fewer costly referrals with their associated tests and procedures. It’s why I’m so passionate about working with Specialdocs to provide guidance and support to other physicians seeking to practice medicine the way they’ve envisioned since medical school.”

About Dr. Tokarz

Dr. Tokarz’s medical career spans more than three decades at Northern Virginia Family Practice. He transitioned to concierge medicine in 2005, followed by three other physicians in his group.  He has received numerous professional awards including Best Doctor in America (2005-2010) and Top Doctor Recognition (1995-2012). Board certified in Family Medicine, Dr. Tokarz earned his undergraduate degree at Stanford University, his MD at the University of Tennessee in Memphis, and completed his Family Practice residency and teaching fellowship at Hershey Medical Center in Pennsylvania. He retired from practicing medicine in December 2014. Dr. Tokarz will be collaborating with other Advisory Board members along with participating at the executive level with the Specialdocs Board of Directors.

The 2016 Physician Advisory Board includes:

  • Dominick A. Curatola, MD, FACC, Mountain View, CA
  • Morris Hasson, MD, Aliso Viejo, CA
  • John Levinson, MD, PhD, Boston, MA
  • Jeffrey S. Puglisi, MD, Greenwich, CT
  • Monica D. Sarang, MD, Burbank, CA
  • Eric W. Terman, MD, Chicago, IL

Read the press release here.

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