Accessible Parking

When you pull into the parking deck, you will arrive on Level B. At the end they can go down to Level A and there are about 6 Accessible parking spots. This stays full often and is also cumbersome to get into the East Wing where we are located. See below for easier access to the East Wing.

  • Continue up to Level G. There are 10 Accessible parking spots, as well as a row of 2 Hour spots.
  • Look for the East Wing entrance. (Blue Automatic Door)
  • Go in and take the Elevator down to the First Floor.

Please Note: The parking deck was built in 1975, so ceiling height is limited to 6’ – 6”. If you have a vehicle that is too tall to pull into the parking deck, you can look for a place to park just before the entrance to the deck on the right (just past the West Wing). This is open parking, so you will need to keep in mind that deliveries and work vehicles often park here as well and we have no control if someone parks behind you or blocks you in.