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PULS Cardiac Test: Marc Harrigan, MD

PULS Cardiac Test: Marc Harrigan, MD

What is this test?

The Protein Unstable Lesion Signature or PULS Cardiac Test.

How does the PULS Cardiac Test work?

PULS Cardiac Test predicts Acute Coronary Syndrome (ACS ), or the risk of having a heart attack within the next 5 years!

It goes beyond Cholesterol testing. We measure the body’s healing process and response to damage of the inner lining of your arteries.

The problem:

Why do people who eat healthy and exercise still suffer from heart attacks/heart disease? Did you know that 50% of heart attacks still happen with “normal cholesterol”?


Cholesterol is not the only factor causing heart disease. Inflammation and free radicals also do damage. 75% of heart attacks occur from soft lesions in the inner lining of the artery. Imagine a Pimple or Blister inside the artery waiting to pop!

Why are soft lesions so dangerous?

The soft lesion is unstable and prone to rupture with as little as 20% narrowing of the artery! Often silent and deadly!

How to solve this problem?

With a new simple blood test to find people at risk of having dangerous soft lesions.

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